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Telnexus offers state-of-the-art Internet Service Solutions so customers only have one point of contact for telephone or data problems.

Metro WiFi

Telnexus Metro WiFi can be installed in just a few days and works where other high-speed installation attempts have failed. A reliable Metro WiFi solution that works rain or shine. This is a fixed-wireless installation where we install a small wireless receiver in your facility.

Gigabit Fiber

Telnexus offers Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) service to select locations in Berkeley, Emeryville and Oakland. Services are delivered right to your business with state-of-the-art lightwave technology. For as little as $385 per month, full gigabit speeds are available.

Metro WiFi Features

Reliable Bandwidth  •  Weatherproof  •  Flexible  •  Customizable  •  Professional Setup  •  Expanding Area

Metro WiFi Pricing



Per Month

12 Mbps Download (burst*)
3 Mbps Upload



Per Month

17 Mbps Download (burst)
6 Mbps Upload
1 Mbps CIR** Upload Guarantee



Per Month

22 Mbps Download (burst)
8 Mbps Upload
2 Mbps CIR** Upload Guarantee

* Burst download dramatically increases data transfer rates for a limited duration to significantly improve overall internet performance.
** CIR or Committed Information Rate is a speed at which, given normal operating conditions, the bandwidth should not drop below. Additional CIR bandwidth available at $100 per 1 Mbps CIR.

Gigabit Fiber Features

100% Fiber Optic Network  •  100 Megabit to 10 Gigabit •  Private Metro Network  •  Professional Setup  •  Expanding Area

Gigabit Fiber Pricing

Telnexus Sublight


Per Month

$185 Sublight 50 – 5 Users *
$285 Sublight 100 – 10 Users
$385 Sublight 200 – 20 Users
$485 Sublight 300 – 30 Users

Telnexus Warp


Per Month

$595 Warp 1 – 25 Mbps **
$895 Warp 2 – 50 Mbps
$1,095 Warp 3 – 100 Mbps
$1,295 Warp 4 – 250 Mbps
$1,595 Warp 5 – 500 Mbps
$1,895 Warp 6 – 1 Gbps
$2,495 Transwarp – 10 Gbps

Private Ethernet


Per Month

$395 Private Ethernet 25 Mbps
$595 Private Ethernet 50 Mbps
$795 Private Ethernet 100 Mbps
$995 Private Ethernet 250 Mbps
$1,195 Private Ethernet 500 Mbps
$1,395 Private Ethernet 1 Gbps

Subject to limited availability to commercial establishments close to the existing fiber optic metropolitan network in Emeryville and Oakland. Availability in Berkeley due later in 2016. Please visit our Gigabit Waiting List page to be notified when service becomes available in your area and to receive a $100 coupon for Telnexus products and Services.

All products are Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) where we install fiber optic connections at the Minimum Point of Entry (MPoE) in commercial buildings. Multi-tenant buildings may have Ethernet connections in their suites and will require permission from the property owners for installation.

* Telnexus Sublight sold based on the number of employees or workstations. Sublight 200 & Sublight 300 have 1 Gbps port speeds, Sublight 50 port speed is 100 Mbps, Sublight 100 port speed 250 Mbps. No Service Level Agreement is available for Sublight service.

** All Telnexus Warp products have a 1 Gbps port speed. Transwarp has a 10 Gbps port. Utilization rating based on 95% Fair Usage. All Warp products come with a High-performance Service Level Agreement (SLA).

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