Welcome to Telnexus!

If you’ve just ordered business phone services from Telnexus, here’s what to expect and do next to ensure a seamless transition.

1. Confirm your order and make sure the ship to address(es) is/are correct.

2. Create a diagram of call flows and extensions. Sketch it on paper and send the diagram to techs@telnexus.com. Alternatively, you can provide our team with the login and password of your current provider and we can pull the information directly from them.

3. Installation – Someone from our Technical Team will contact you for on-site installation (if necessary). You may also schedule this through Calendly at this link: calendly.com/telnexus_jeremy/

4. Porting numbers:

We understand that you may want to port your numbers to Telnexus. Local Number Porting takes about 5 business days. If you’re moving to a new office, you’ll need to include the previous address along with a your bill showing evidence you own the numbers. For your convenience, you may port numbers prior to starting service with Telnexus.

The number porting process is easy, just download a blank LNP, fill it out and submit the completed form to techs@telnexus.com. Our team will contact you to confirm our receipt of the LNP.

Click here to download the blank LNP.

Here’s a sample of the completed form should look like.

As soon as your numbers port you are free to cancel service with your current provider.

If you have any questions about this process our customer service team is available 9am-5pm to assist you.

Thank you for choosing Telnexus.

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