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Our Affiliate Program is for individuals or businesses who aid in new business formation. The Telnexus Affiliate Program is also just right for our existing customers or anyone looking for a finder’s fee.


Designed for multitenant operators, real estate pros, and IT consultants, the Telnexus Agent Program pays you the highest industry percentage of the VoIP revenues generated by a new customer. All we ask is for proper lead qualification.

Join the VoIP Revolution!

Traditional phone systems are a thing of the past. Modern technology makes it possible to provide more sophisticated phone systems, better quality calls and on-demand services at better prices than ever.

Unlike our national competitors we understand the Bay Area and the unique needs of the small and medium business that work here. Looking for a local VoIP partner opportunity? Read more about our services, and contact us today for more information.

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“The call quality stands out, and I can work directly with a Telnexus employee to get all the information I need. The instructions for set up were very clear and easy to understand.”

– Rimas Silkaitis, Head of Professional Services at Chartio

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