Keeping Your Network Up In The Rain or Why a Wireless ISP is Better than a T1

hartsook | December 12th, 2014

Here at Telnexus in Berkeley, California we just had a drought-buster of a storm that dumped up to 10 inches of rain on our parched landscape. Predictably, one of our customers who relies on a T1 line to run their business had an outage in their flood-prone automotive facility.

Fortunately, we have learned our lesson not to rely on aging AT&T copper infrastructure, and that customer automatically switched their corporate network to a Telnexus fixed wireless Internet connection using a Cisco Meraki VPN.

We aim to keep our customers happy

We aim to keep our customers happy

Our situation here on the shores of San Francisco Bay is a good example of how the incumbent ISPs are not upgrading and effectively abandoning old T1 and POTS infrastructure in troublesome locations.

Fortunately, the fixed wireless ISP service we run uses state-of-the-art Ubiquiti antennas, transceivers and access points to deliver service under the worst weather conditions.