Telnexus Partners with MercuryTouch, a Communications Preference Start-Up

caroline | October 16th, 2014

Telnexus is partnering with Mercury Touch, a new start-up focused on simplifying how people communicate. With dozens of forms of communication nowadays, it has become increasingly difficult to differentiate which form of contact is the most suitable for each individual. Mercury Touch tackles the issue of multiple forms of communication by providing “Preferred Connections” for each contact in your address book.

The opportunity that Mercury Touch is tackling is huge; there are 1.9 billion smartphone users, 1.28 billion active monthly Facebook users and 400 million monthly Skype users. These are only a few mediums of communication- which means there is a large total addressable market to provide services to individuals.

Mercury Touch provides a portal that helps users regain control of their communications. By this, a Mercury user could tap an individual’s name in his/her phone book, and Mercury would launch just the right app to complete the connection – based on the known preferences of the two parties. Mercury Touch, Ltd. will be a free website, as well as a suite of free smartphone apps to deliver the Mercury Touch service any smartphone users. Users will then be able to register their communication methods and preference.

As part of the partnership between Mercury Touch and Telnexus, Telnexus will be providing back-end voice services to allow Mercury Touch users to make calls to one another. The purpose of this feature is to support devices that are able to connect to data and WiFi, but do not have phone services. This way, individuals using devices without phone services can make calls from anywhere with an internet connection.

Project Mercury is useful for people who have multiple ways of reaching them – which is to say, just about everyone.

The product launch is set for March 2015. Please visit for more information and take a look at the live demo.