Sound Big With Telnexus Cloud PBX

Vernon Keenan | September 29th, 2015

Entrepreneurs and new business owners have to use every trick in the book to make their new enterprise sound bigger, better and more professional than the competition. Here are three ways that the Telnexus Cloud PBX helps you succeed with the latest in communication technology.

Use an Auto Attendant

A well-designed Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu, or auto attendant system, gives you the right way for customers to access information like directions, announcements and other frequently-asked questions. Consider using a professional voice artist to really add some polish!

You don’t have to force callers into your IVR. You can maintain your personal touch with a scheduler that rings your employees during business hours, and rolls over to the IVR when there is no answer or it is after business hours.

Have A Private Conference Bridge

Make it easy for your clients and vendors to have high-fidelity, private conference calls. You can establish a dedicated dial-in number with a private PIN. The bridge is easily accessed by internal callers by just dialing an extension.

Answer Your Extension Anywhere

Eliminate the need for people to know your personal cell phone number. Use a Telnexus softphone account on your Apple or Android device to answer your business line. As long as you’ve got a good mobile data signal, you can do business from anywhere in the world. And, there are no long-distance or mobile minute charges when you use your Telnexus softphone account!

You Can Sound Big TODAY

Telnexus makes it easy for your enterprise to sound BIG on the phone. Email us at or call us at (510) 859-7000 today for a free consultation on your communication needs.