Top 3 Reasons to Trust Telnexus with Your Phones

Vernon Keenan | September 21st, 2015

Everybody loves to communicate using email, messaging and chat, but an effective business still needs to actually talk to people. If you are a lawyer, financial professional, medical practitioner, architect, engineer, accountant, a social services practitioner, or run a retail operation then you still rely heavily on the desktop telephone to engage, support and service your clients, colleagues, customers and suppliers.

I bet your old phone system is steady and it works, but you know you can do better. You’ve heard all about the goodness of putting your phone system in the cloud, but you wonder if it is safe to risk transitioning to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Despite any concerns, though, you keep coming back to the idea of moving to the phone cloud because you’ve heard how you can save money and really make your life just a little bit simpler. In fact, you already be experiencing cloud services already with great success.

We acknowledge that cloud phone services are more complex than cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox, but Telnexus has seen all the pitfalls along the digital telephony roadmap. To avoid those pitfalls and complexity, Telnexus has created a set of engineering-oriented operating principles designed to deliver bulletproof digital voice upgrades. It is our technology focus that lets you trust Telnexus as your next phone company. Here are the top three reasons why you should trust Telnexus with your phone system.

Telnexus Runs a Real Cloud PBX

The Telnexus system makes it easy to run an enterprise-grade communication system without buying a mysterious box that lives in a closet. Our “Cloud PBX” system takes that old phone box and recreates it as a computer system operating in the cloud. While some of our competitors say they are a cloud phone system, the Telnexus Cloud PBX is world-class in its ability to check off some of the most important technical aspects of true cloud computing:

  • Logically-divided core architecture that lends itself to multi-instance server scaling
  • Proprietary cluster management system that keeps dozens of servers running smoothly and talking to each other
  • National and international server clusters that continuously synchronize operational data
  • DNS-based system of server failover
  • Public-private cloud strategy for backup and spot capacity management

All of these technical features add up to one thing: incredible reliability. Telnexus is proud that our system meets these technical benchmarks, and we are happy to be compared to any of our competitors. All of this fantastic cloud technology is why we have a 99.95% SLA available to all of our Cloud PBX subscribers. Check this blog posting in you want to go under the covers with Telnexus technology.

Telnexus Builds Solid Networks

There is a dirty secret in the VoIP world, and its name is “churn,” or the tendency for a certain percentage of new VoIP customers to terminate their service in just a few weeks or months. To most VoIP service providers, it’s a numbers game, and with churn in play, smaller-sized customers more likely to be dissatisfied enough to quit in the first three months.

At Telnexus we think we understand the main reason for VoIP churn: poor Local Area Network (LAN) design and implementation. If your network sucks, so will your VoIP. Check out our recent blog post on why network performance matters with VoIP.

Humans are sensitive to even the slightest decrease in the fidelity of a voice conversation. In a professional situation when you are using a “landline,” dropouts and digital audio artifacts just aren’t tolerable. And, the best conversations happen when you can’t detect any delay between something being said and when the person actually hears it. That is called a low-latency connection. To get a nearly perfect, low-latency audio stream no matter what’s happening on your network requires that every deficiency in your network needs to be eliminated.

To deliver VoIP-quality LANs, Telnexus uses Cisco Meraki security appliances, programmed and implemented with the proper Quality of Service (QoS) and Virtual LAN (VLAN) capabilities. It is our experience that deploying right-sized enterprise gear in the small business setting is the way to go. We make sure you get the right equipment, sized for your network, planning for your growth needs, and with an eye to the future. We use Cisco switches and power delivery equipment to make the LAN easy to manage and expandable. Once a Telnexus network installation is complete, we don’t keep coming back to tweak it and fix things—we get it right the first time and the equipment is physically able to perform without maintenance for years.

Telnexus Employees Are Real Geeks

At Telnexus we love our technology focus, and we are definitely a band of high-end geeks. Working here in the world capital of technology and literally next door to UC Berkeley, we keep up with all the latest trends, specialize in just a few, and we are part of the Berkeley and Silicon Valley communities. I’ve been part of the Valley since I was an Apple customer at Genentech in the 1980’s, and then I helped to generate the idea of cloud computing the 1990’s with stints at both Oracle and Salesforce.

Telnexus even has a drone garage to really prove our geek cred! I made a video that explains why you should trust Telnexus as your communication service provider.

More Reasons to Trust Telnexus

Of course there are even more reasons to trust Telnexus with your phone system. We are local, all support is California-based, and we will show up when needed. We won’t sell you a VoIP system if you cannot purchase the network or Internet upgrades that we have determined are necessary to bring your site up to spec. The most important reason to trust Telnexus is that we care about making your telephone experience as flawless and service-free as possible. When that happens everybody is happy! Check out our Yelp reviews to hear directly from some of our customers.

Call for A Free Network Evaluation

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