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Vernon Keenan | July 15th, 2016

For a surprising number of competent professionals, using their email is a terrifying experience. You know you need an email migration to fix your problems, but you feel paralyzed. You might be among these suffering souls if you answer YES to one or more of these questions:

  • Does using your work email make you feel anxious, dreading the possibility of making a mistake, or not being able to find an important bit of correspondence?
  • Have you ever said “well, I sent it an hour ago,” and you find out later your server has been blacklisted by your recipient? What?!?
  • Has an acute need for an email attachment ever made you drive into the office on a Sunday?
  • Have you never bothered to use the contacts or calendar features in your email because the IT guys never got the sharing part right?
  • Has your email ever been down and unavailable to you for more than 12 hours?
  • Do you find your professional reputation being eroded by repeated email problems?
Does email ever make you feel like this? Call Telnexus for help!

Does email ever make you feel like this? Call Telnexus for help!

There is absolutely no reason for you to suffer anymore. Telnexus specializes in a concierge-level email migration service that guarantees to fix your email problems forever.

Telnexus Email Migration is for small organizations, from one to 50 users, who need a total email migration service that goes beyond basic account transfer. We are experts in picking up the pieces in failed migrations, deciphering complex setups involving website accounts, extracting control of your domain name from mysterious service providers, and advising you on consolidating and optimizing your cloud accounts.

Telnexus only has a couple of experts who are qualified to perform this concierge-quality service, so there is limited availability of Telnexus Email Migration services. Call today at +1-510-859-7000 or email us at for a free evaluation or to schedule your migration.

Two Choices: Google or Microsoft

Telnexus will help you make the best choice between the leading email utility services

Telnexus will help you make the best choice between the leading email utility services

There are only two safe choices for your email service. With hundreds of other choices, Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for Work cannot be topped in these key features:

  • They are suitable for both very small and very large enterprises
  • They include real-time document sharing and collaboration
  • They have advanced security features like two-factor authentication
  • They have data centers that automatically replicate your content to separate availability zones to guard against regional disasters
  • They operate a highly redundant, private network connecting all these data centers guaranteeing domestic Internet connectivity
  • They have over 10,000 dedicated employees around the globe who keep everything running 24/7

It is simple logic. If you are running a business, you cannot let an IT guy convince you that running Exchange Server in your closet is somehow superior to the safety and availability afforded to you by Google or Microsoft email services. If you are concerned about how a cloud-based service may compromise your security, privacy or control, then go with Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft has  special features designed to address security and privacy concerns, including HIPAA. This makes Office 365 the safe choice for medical and legal professionals.

Not using an email utility service is illogical. This is even more true for the 100-person or 10,000-person enterprise. Email is now a utility cloud service that is as simple to use, and as complex to produce, as traditional utility services like telecom, water and power. You would never run your own phone company, so you shouldn’t run your own email hosting service.

But, That’s What the Last Guy Said!

It is easy to explain why you want to be on a utility cloud service, the problem is how to get you there.

That’s where Telnexus comes in. We are here to help with email migrations that failed or never got started for some reason, such as:

  • The migration got halfway done because the consultant got in over their head and now you have two email systems!
  • You’ve got a whole bunch of different email accounts you’ve accumulated over the years, and now it is totally confusing how to make it all work together.
  • You still can’t share your contacts and calendar items, and you’re using Outlook!
  • You got migrated to another Exchange host, but you really wanted Google Apps. Or vice-versa.
  • You can’t synch up with your mobile device
  • You were told you’ve got “too much email” and it all can’t be migrated
  • You’ve got Domain Name issues, where you can’t seem to get your domain name separated from your phone company or website host.
  • You don’t know why you’re still paying for some cloud and email services.

Changing your email service requires simultaneous re-configuration of different online services from different service providers. This is where we see a lot of rookie mistakes. Some consultants get lost in the maze of DNS servers, Domain Name registrars, and hosting service providers. Mistakes are made recommending new email hosts, often not realizing the limitations of an IMAP server. Unfortunately, this is where the misconfiguration of a single service can mean email sent to you will either bounce or go off into never-never land.

Other failures result in incomplete migrations of large email archives up into the cloud. It’s easy for inexperienced technicians to underestimate the workload to get many gigabytes of old email up into a new email account. That can leave you with an “old” and a “new” account, which seems rather suboptimal! To Telnexus, the whole point of a migration is to get all your email into one place. That lets you easily search your email all at once.

Do My Email Migration, Please!

The Telnexus approach to your email is definitely holistic, where we look at your entire set of requirements and make sure you get the right service. That starts with picking between Microsoft and Google. Next, Telnexus analyzes all the services to which you are currently subscribed. If necessary, we obtain your legal authorization to change and potentially cancel your old accounts.

Telnexus Email Migration moves your email to iits now home smoothly and simply

Telnexus Email Migration moves your email to its new home smoothly and simply

Telnexus handles  the complexities of domain names and hosting services. We have nearly two decades of experience operating website and DNS hosting services. We are also experts at porting telephone numbers for our VoIP service. Because we frequently find customer websites and email tied up with their old AT&T telephone accounts, we have a lot of experience helping people do a complete “AT&T-ectomy,” where we finally get them out of an old Yellow Pages contract and expensive analog phone lines. That usually involves moving the client’s DNS and website hosting to Telnexus services.

Telnexus Email Migration is a concierge-level service designed to be very flexible and adaptable to different customer situations. We are trained and have used all the Microsoft and Google tools designed to facilitate migrations. We have available to us a variety of custom tools to speed up email migration, including our own private Network Operation Center with gigabit cloud connectivity.

Telnexus exerts a lot of power to get the job done and we don’t bore you with the details. The Telnexus approach describes what to expect when we are done, and then makes an accurate estimate of when you can expect to use your new email system. As the migration progresses, we keep you apprised of progress to the extent it impacts the delivery date. When the migration is ready we log onto all of your devices and configure all your email clients for you. We give you easy-to-remember instructions on how to log onto your email from any web browser.

We can do all this work by remote control, but for larger sites we will come onsite to perform workstation and mobile device configurations. You’ll also get some personal training and support. If necessary, we can help you upgrade your desktops with new versions of Microsoft Office or Windows.

While we are doing the migration we will keep you appraised of our progress, expressed in everyday terminology. When we need a bit of information from you, that request will be clearly expressed and we will tell you exactly why we need that password or access instructions. It can feel messy as we peel the onion that encases your Domain Name services, but please be assured that Telnexus is among the best experts for getting the job done.

Sounds Expensive

Telnexus Email Migration service does cost more than most competing services. We are here in Berkeley for the problem migrations in the Bay Area. We are ready finish the project that the other consultant botched. Or, if you’re anxious and need the personal assurance that our concierge service gives you, then give us a try.

We understand how stressful email can be for people. You know you need to do something, but you’ve tried to fix your email in the past. But, the consultant only made things worse! We can assure you that won’t happen if you hire Telnexus for email migration.

The level of expertise and personal assurance Telnexus delivers for Bay Area professionals means you not only get a master-technician level of performance, but you also get some personal therapy along the way. We aim to help you get comfortable making the transition to a new cloud-based workplace.


Are You Ready?

Telnexus Email Migration has limited availability due to our concierge-level service. We can give you an estimate and a personal assessment in one evaluation session. If you’re ready to get your email fixed the right way, then give Telnexus a call today at +1-510-859-7000 or email us at