Gigabit Internet Now Available at 5801 Christie in Emeryville

Vernon Keenan | September 30th, 2016

fiber-pic-1October, 2016  will be an exciting month, as Telnexus and our partners UnwiredLTD and Paxio deploy Gigabit Internet at 5801 Christie in Emeryville, near the foot of the San Francisco Bay Bridge in Emeryville.

Telnexus customers at 5801 Christie may now order fiber-optic Gigabit Internet service. This is a free upgrade to their existing Telnexus Metro WiFi subscriptions.

Limited Free Upgrade Offer

We are offering a special, one-time free upgrade offer to existing Telnexus customers. Customers simply need to confirm they want the free upgrade, and they will enjoy a 20 to 30-fold increase in Internet speed!

Based on existing subscription levels, customers may get the following free upgrades:

Service LevelPriceWISP  Fiber Speed
Silver$160/mo12/3 Mbps  250/250 Mbps, 25 Mbps Dedicated
Gold$250/mo17/6 Mbps  500/500 Mbps, 50 Mbps Dedicated
Platinum$380/mo22/8 Mbps  750/750 Mbps, 75 Mbps Dedicated
Warp 1$550/mon/a  Full Gigabit, 100 Mbps Dedicated
Warp 2$1000/mon/a  Full Gigabit, 500 Mbps Dedicated

Fully Symmetric Gigabit Internet

fiber-optic-cable-bundleAll Telnexus Fiber packages are fully symmetric, That means you get just as much upload capacity as download capacity. This is very good news for our VoIP customers!

Our Fiber packages do have usage caps that allow customers to experience peak usage at the fully rated speed, but require 95% of their average daily usage to be at or below the Dedicated rating. For example, if a customer buys the Silver Fiber package, and uses more than 25 Mbps of bandwidth for more than 5% of the time in a month, they would be technically violating our usage caps. In that case, the customer will be offered an upgrade.

This is the first gigabit Internet deployment for Telnexus. As we close 2016 and go into the next year, we anticipate more rollouts in Emeryville and West Berkeley. To keep informed of our progress, please join our Gigabit Internet Waiting List.