Breathe Life Into That PBX

Don’t get me wrong; I love selling a cloud-based business phone system. It is definitely the right decision for a new or growing enterprise. Why buy hardware that could become obsolete if you can get a solid, feature-rich business PBX in the cloud?

But, what if you’ve been around a while and your phone system works just fine, thank you. You spent plenty on that old Lucent/AT&T phone system, and nobody uses the phone nowadays anyways. Who needs a fancy new phone system?

The only thing that really gets you mad, though, is that big phone bill every month from AT&T or some other big phone company.

Telnexus solves the phone bill problem with digital telecom services and a special piece of equipment called a VoIP Gateway.

Before I talk about all the money you can save with a VoIP Gateway, there is a price to be paid. You must have excellent Internet connectivity and a high-end router for a VoIP Gateway to work reliably. If you’re a mid-sized business with 40 or so employees, you will need to look at a substantial upgrade, like a 30 Mbps metro Ethernet circuit and a Cisco Meraki security appliance.

Now, let me explain how you can save money on voice services to pay for that fancy new Internet. Lets say you’ve got a LOT of phone lines. Like a dozen or more lines that are bundled up in something called a PRI circuit. That PRI circuit, with all the local and long distance calling charges, can cost up to a $1000 a month.

what-is-a-voip-gatewayThrough the use of a VoIP Gateway, Telnexus slashes PRI costs by as much as 60%. First, we analyze your phone bill carefully, determining your actual usage. We consult with your managers to learn your present and future communication requirements. Then, we come up with a fair package of fixed-price and metered usage that meets your needs.

After your site has been certified as having adequate Internet infrastructure, we come in to install the VoIP gateway overnight. We thoroughly test our installation and make sure your phone system works exactly as it did before, and as VoIP engineers we plan for the worst by keeping the old system alive until all our tests check out.

The best part is the next day when your employees come to work and can’t even tell you’ve modernized the phone system to work over the Internet. They are just happy that the Internet goes a lot faster!

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