The Telnexus Team

Vern Keenan

Vern Keenan is a tech industry lifer. A graduate of Northwestern University with a degree in Bio-Medical Engineering, Vern established his career as a technical and networking Director at Genentech and Oracle corp, before venturing out as an entrepreneur. During the Internet boom, Vern made a name for himself as one of the foremost analysts for eCommerce with his firm Keenan Vision. Vern later started Berkeley Logic, a tech services and consultancy focused on the small to medium sized business market. With the growing overlap of Internet and phone service, Vern saw an opportunity as a trusted tech service provider to add value to his business by becoming a phone service provider. And, as a result, Telnexus was born.

Cohberg Ng
Senior Engineer

Cohberg is natural engineer. He has been with Telnexus since college, and upon graduating UC Berkeley with a Computer Science Degree, has applied his knowledge, and a concern for customer satisfaction to his job at Telnexus, while ascending to the position of Senior Engineer.

Bill De Zenzo
Operations Director

Is a professional tech administrator with 20 years experience in the industry at companies like BioData, Oracle, and eVault before becoming an original member of the Telnexus team. Bill provides support, both in-house for Telnexus, and their customers to assure a streamlined work environment and satisfied customers.

Al Bourdet
VP of Finance

Al has 30+ years experience as a high-tech administrator. He has handled all the financial administrative barriers to entering the telecom industry for Telnexus. Al handles all AP and AR functionality at Telnexus, while managing telecom billing regulations.

Eric Bucklin
Technical Operations Manager

Eric is a highly skilled computer and network technician, with a focus on results. Eric is the lead technician at Telnexus, and manages the entire tech staff.

Brett Stevens

Brett is a tech aficionado with the ability to quickly learn new products and technologies. He is a primary point of contact for many Telnexus customers, where he has many strong relationships. Brett is currently working towards a degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

William Kasoff

William has an extensive background in coaching in both business and sporting environments, and he’s been able to apply his principles in a variety of business settings. ┬áHis objective is always the same, to use his expertise and coach others such that they have the freedom and ability to translate their visions into reality.