Local Number Portability Letter of Authorization

Thank you for choosing Telnexus.  In order to “port” your number (to change your service provider to Telnexus and keep your phone number), you need to fill out and sign this Letter of Authorization, which Telnexus will provide to your existing carrier. Please use Adobe Acrobat to fill out the required fields, or print out this document, fill in the blanks and sign.  After submitting this authorization to Telnexus, do not contact your service provider or cancel service with your service provider until Telnexus has confirmed in writing that your phone number has been switched to Telnexus.

Click here to download the PDF form for your Letter of Authorization.


Name and Address
(must match exactly with name and address with current carrier)

Your Billing Telephone Number (“BTN”) or primary SIP account and email address with existing service provider
(the BTN may be different from the telephone number – the BTN format is usually, but not always, formatted on existing carrier’s bill like
“510-555-1212 111 2”

Telephone Number(s)
(your existing telephone number(s) you wish to transfer to Telnexus service)
Telnexus account number
(Telnexus will fill in)

Requested Date of Service Transfer to Telnexus
(the requested date must be at least 2 weeks from date this letter is received; transfers may take up to 6 weeks. Telnexus will make all reasonable attempts to meet the requested date, but unforeseen circumstances may impact the date of service transfer)  _________________________________

Issues to Consider Before Submitting Authorization
Wireless numbers cannot be ported.
You cannot port a number if another porting request is active.
Distinctive ring, PIC freeze[i], or a carrier change restriction must be removed prior to porting your number.
You must have a full copy of your current phone bill dated within 60 days.
A “no porting” or “frozen” subscriber agreement with your existing carrier will block the request.
DSL service will automatically be canceled on ported numbers. Do not port DSL service numbers unless you are changing your DSL service.

I authorize Telnexus to act on my behalf for the purpose of porting the Telephone Number from my current carrier to Telnexus, including securing information for: activating, porting, disconnecting, editing and transferring service for me, resolving technical issues for me, and activating, changing, and editing directory listings for me.

Signature: ____________________________    Date: ______________

Print Name: ____________________________

Signature and Return
Please sign, date and print your name.
Return the signed letter, along with a copy of your latest bill from your existing carrier, via fax (510) 335-1088, or as an attachment to email (accounts@telnexus.biz) or via mail or overnight delivery service to Telnexus Accounts, 2342 Shattuck Ave., Suite 182, Berkeley, CA 94704.

[i] A PIC Freeze (Primary InterExchange Carrier Freeze) is an option with your LEC (local phone company) to block your telephone line(s) from being switched to another long distance carrier without your prior authorization..