Telnexus Voice Features

Basic Features

Internal Extensions

3 or 4-digit dialing to any phone in the system, even off-site.


Full-featured personal voicemail may be accessed via telephone.


New voicemail emailed automatically as a WAV attachment.

Call Forwarding

Forward your business line to any phone number.

International Calling

We offer competitive rates.

Business Features

Individual DID

Each user gets a personal phone number, or Direct Inward Dial.

Multi-Level Auto Receptionist

Inbound callers get multi-level choices, announcements, etc.

Ring Groups

Route inbound calls to ring a designated group of extensions.

Fax to Email

Route your fax number to our fax-to-email service.

Automatic Emergency Call Forwarding

Have calls automatically forwarded in the event of a power or internet outage.

Music and Messages on Hold

Use our soothing vibes or upload your own WAV or MP3 file.

Free Additional Devices

Use your computer, deskphone, and smartphone with your extension or number.

Busy Lamp Field

See at a glance if the PBX line is busy.


Secure connections to protect your calls.

Online Management

Individual User Portal

The user portal shows your voicemails in a web interface.

Organizational Logs

Get a report of inbound and outbound call activity.

Billing Portal

One convenient location to manage your account.

Visual Voicemails

See all your voicemails & listen to them on your computer or smartphone.


Unlimited Conference

Have your own secure dial-in conferences.

Hot Desking

Home office visitors may log onto the PBX and receive calls.

Dial-by-Name Directory

An easier way for callers to find the person they are looking for.

Time of Day Routing

For your convenience route calls based on the time of day.

Page Groups

Forward your DID or company main number to any number.

Call Screening

Preview incoming callers before answering.

Call Blocking

Easily block undesirable phone numbers after a call.

Call Queues

Have your extension or DID ring more than one device at a time.

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