Turbocharge Telecom Expense Budget with SIP Trunking

Vernon Keenan | September 8th, 2015

Managing telecommunication expenses in 2015 can be quite a juggling act. Most businesses today are using less voice communication, yet they may still spend quite a bit on telephone service. If you could get the same phone service but get faster and safer Internet, wouldn’t you switch?

How SIP Trunking Saves Money on Phone Costs
Fortunately, re-adjusting your telecommunications budget to spend less on voice and boost Internet performance is a simple matter nowadays. To save customers money Telnexus uses a digital technology called SIP Trunking. Using SIP Trunking, telephone service providers like Telnexus will convert your existing telephone service into a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service. Moving your consumption of telephone service from an expensive incumbent wireline service to the more competitive Internet market will save up to 60% when compared to your current bill from AT&T, Birch (Cbeyond), or Telepacific.

The beauty of SIP Trunking is its ability to replace those old copper-based telephone services with a 100% compatible service that lets you keep your existing PBX cabinet and desk phones. You only need to buy a high-quality VoIP Gateway that converts the VoIP signals carried by the SIP trunks into the analog service required by most traditional PBX systems.

What About Voice Quality?
You may have heard about VoIP technology and how it can be sketchy! You can rest assured that SIP Trunking deployments by Telnexus don’t experience the call quality issues that are associated with VoIP. In fact, because of the advanced digital-analog converters in VoIP Gateways, call quality is frequently better after a SIP Trunking upgrade. Problems may occur when an Internet connection becomes congested. Telnexus uses several techniques to make the Internet connection between your PBX and the carrier cloud highly reliable and congestion-free.

Prepare For Over The Top Communication
Everybody needs more and faster Internet due to the way people do business. Telnexus delivers on the promise of better Internet speed by fully analyzing your existing Internet services and recommending upgrades for no charge. Telnexus is an expert in finding the best wireline Internet services available throughout California. All of your proposed telecom charges will be presented in an easy-to-understand proposal that clearly outlines the benefits of making the change to SIP trunking.

Because SIP Trunking makes your telephone service dependent on your Internet connection, it will be a good idea to take some of your “found money” from SIP Trunking and use it to get a backup Internet connection. When choosing a backup service, be sure to select an Internet service provider who comes in on a different type of signal than your existing provider. For example, if you currently have high speed cable Internet, you might want to pick a wireless ISP as your backup service provider.

Improving Telecom Efficiency Is Easy with Telnexus
Buying SIP Trunking is easy with the help of your Telnexus sales and service team. Customers usually buy one $30 SIP trunk per existing analog line. The $30 Telnexus SIP trunk has unlimited calling in the USA and you only get charged on a per-call basis for International calling. Customers also need to purchase or lease a VoIP gateway, which ranges in price from $300 for a handful of analog lines to $2000 for up to 46 simultaneous voice channels.

To get more information on the Telnexus SIP Trunking solutions and how it can modernize your enterprise’s communication strategy, give Telnexus a call today at (510) 859-7000 or email info@telnexus.com.