Fiber Internet for just $185 in the East Bay!

Vernon Keenan | January 12th, 2016

HUGE NEWS! Starting today, Telnexus is taking orders for the fastest and most advanced fiber optic gigabit Internet service available in the East Bay!

The Fiber Is Coming!Availability of Telnexus Fiber is limited to businesses close to the Telnexus Open Access Internet network. Cities currently in the Telnexus fiber optic network are Emeryville and Oakland. An expansion into Berkeley is planned for 2016, enabling Telnexus to offer the most affordable high-performance broadband Internet service to more businesses the East Bay.

New Fiber Internet Service Pricing

All new classes of Internet service now available from Telnexus that use optical connections with fast and efficient Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) technology.

  • Telnexus® Sublight℠ comes in a range of metered services ranging in speed from 100 Megabit to 1 Gigabit. Service levels for Telnexus Sublight are appropriate for smaller businesses who do not host services to the public. Prices range from $185 per month for Telnexus Sublight 50, which is a 100 Megabit service suitable for a 5 person office, to $385 per month for Telnexus Sublight 200, which is a 1 Gigabit service metered for a 20 person office with an installation fee of $199.
  • Telnexus® Warp℠ links customers directly to the Telnexus lightwave Internet network with a high-performance Service Level Agreement (SLA). Telnexus Warp prices range from $595 per month for Telnexus Warp 1, which is a metered gigabit fiber Internet service, to Telnexus Warp 6, which is $1,895 per month for unmetered service. Installation fees start at $995 and may require additional networking equipment purchases.
  • Telnexus® Transwarp℠ 10 Gigabit Internet service is available for $2,495 per month. Installation fees start at $2,495 and may require additional networking equipment purchases.
  • Telnexus® Dark Fiber℠ and Telnexus® Private Ethernet℠ are affordable networking options available to businesses and institutions based Berkeley, Oakland and Emeryville. Private single-mode fiber connections in the East Bay metropolitan area start at $999 per month.

Here’s a quick summary of our new offerings. You can also find a summary on our web site at our Internet Services page.

Telnexus New Fiber Products
Product NameMonthly Recur.InstallPort SpeedSLA?Fair Usage*
Telnexus Sublight 50$185.00$199.00100 MbpsNo5 Users
Telnexus Sublight 100$285.00$199.00250 MbpsNo10 Users
Telnexus Sublight 200$385.00$199.001 GbpsNo20 Users
Telnexus Sublight 300$485.00$199.001 GbpsNo30 Users
Telnexus Warp 1$595.00$995.001 GbpsYes25 Mbps
Telnexus Warp 2$895.00$995.001 GbpsYes50 Mbps
Telnexus Warp 3$1,095.00$995.001 GbpsYes100 Mbps
Telnexus Warp 4$1,295.00$995.001 GbpsYes250 Mbps
Telnexus Warp 5$1,595.00$995.001 GbpsYes500 Mbps
Telnexus Warp 6$1,895.00$995.001 GbpsYesNone
Telnexus Transwarp$2,495.00$2,495.0010 GbpsYes1 Gbps

* What do we mean by fair usage? For the Sublight products we want to make it simple, based on the size of the business and the anticipated usage. Also, with the Sublight products get the same Service Level Agreement you currently get from Comcast and other incumbent providers, which is “best effort.” For the Warp and Transwarp products, customers get a Service Level Agreement (SLA) money-back guarantee. To offer graded service, we measure the traffic  on the customer’s circuit, and if the customer keeps to their Fair Usage figure 95% of the time, then they are OK. If a customer has sustained usage for more than five minutes for more than 5% of the time every month, then we will ask the customer to purchase an upgrade.

One cool thing about this new fiber network is that for the Sublight and Warp products we install the same Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) in every customer’s site. We will then use software in our Network Operations Center to control the speed and measurement characteristics for each customer. What this means for you is that if you want to upgrade or downgrade your service, all you need to do is make the request and we can perform the upgrade with a simple software command. The exception is if you wish to go to 10 Gigabit service — then we need to upgrade the CPE to 10 Gigabit.

New Applications and Efficiencies Possible

high-speed-business-internet-400x399Through the use of Telnexus fiber, small businesses may now use Internet-based services more easily and with greater efficiency and higher performance. Applications that stand to gain effectiveness by installing Telnexus fiber include Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone service, video conferencing and file storage services. Telnexus fiber also facilities the use of Software as a Service web sites that offer full business applications on the web. Telnexus broadband services ultimately helps business owners increase their cash flow and avoid costly computer and telephone server purchases by using the Internet to run their businesses.

Having access to a pervasive, metropolitan-based, gigabit-speed private network can bring new levels of IT operational efficiencies to multi-location businesses, institutions and governmental agencies. Enterprises save on networking equipment purchases by using private Ethernet networks to link sites at gigabit speeds. By making more network resources appear in a single logical local area network, Enterprises can centralize and concentrate server resources so that they may be shared more effectively.

$100 Sign-Up Discount Available

For a limited time, businesses in Berkeley, Emeryville, and Oakland who are interested in getting Telnexus high-speed broadband Internet can sign up for a $100 discount coupon. In exchange for joining the Telnexus Gigabit Waiting List, each business location in these cities is eligible for a $100 discount coupon redeemable for Telnexus products and services.

“Since we won’t be able to get gigabit service to everyone who wants it right away, we wanted to provide an incentive to business owners who sign up for the Telnexus Gigabit Waiting List,” explained Mr. Keenan. “To thank folks for letting us know where we should target our gigabit development plans, we promise to keep our new email list subscribers up to date on the Berkeley and Emeryville fiber construction project throughout 2016.”

To sign up for the Telnexus Gigabit Waiting List go to the web site at the address