Here are the Two Best VoIP Softphone Apps

Vernon Keenan | March 15th, 2017

One of the very best features of Telnexus Cloud PBX is having multiple devices attached to one person’s account. Multi-device capability using a softphone gives Telnexus users the ability to extend their business telephone presence to their smartphone, desktop computers and laptops in remote locations. Part of the magic that makes this all happen is the fact we are sending your voice signals over the Internet, also known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

Internet Speed Matters

How does it all work? First of all, you need a good Internet connection. Telnexus goes the extra mile to make sure you have nearly perfect Internet connectivity in the office because a good Internet connection is a vital ingredient in making zero-defect VoIP calls.

Unfortunately, we lose that control when you’re on the road or at another location using Wi-Fi. LTE 4G wireless connections gives the best VoIP results with mobile Internet on your phone. At home, a Cable modem or fast DSL is a minimum requirement. If you are using VoIP from home a lot, we recommend installing a Meraki Z1 Teleworker Gateway to make sure your voice packets always get the priority they deserve.

You Need A VoIP Softphone App

The software that makes a desktop computer or mobile device into a VoIP telephone is called a softphone. Any Android or iPhone mobile device and any PC or Mac can have a VoIP softphone installed as an app.

Using the softphone app enables you to make and receive business calls on your smartphone, just like if you were sitting in your office. Now, not only do you have two phone lines on one device, but you can keep your personal Caller ID private by making  your business calls with your softphone, which uses your business Caller ID.

To get access to this exciting feature of your Telnexus subscription, you will need to select, download and setup a VoIP softphone app.

The Two Best Smartphone Apps

Watch out, picking a VoIP Softphone app can be a confusing choice! If you browse the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store for VoIP softphone apps you’ll find hundreds of listings.

At Telnexus, we present two of the best VoIP softphone software makers for your consideration, Zoiper and Counterpath, because these software products share these important features.

  • Work well with any standards-based VoIP service provider like Telnexus.
  • Supports high-def voice codecs
  • Has a refined, and easy-to-use interface
  • Does not drain your battery when used on a smartphone
  • Has a consistent look and feel across a whole line of products supporting Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS

Zoiper – Clean, Cheap and Simple

Zoiper LogoZoiper is the quick and easy choice because it has the simplest interface, the quickest startup time, and has free products for all the major platforms.

Bria – Refined, Expensive and Better Battery

App icon for Counterpath Bria

Counterpath’s Bria has no free version for iOS or Windows. Costs range from $7.99 for the iPhone app to $49.99 for the Mac or Windows desktop client.

For high-volume business users, and especially those who want to be able to answer incoming calls, Telnexus recommends the Bria softphone over Zoiper.

Not everybody needs the advanced features of Bria, however. That’s why we picked Zoiper as the best free app out there.

Download Your Smartphone App Here

To set up you softphone you will need softphone Device Credentials from Telnexus. Please email us at and we’ll send you your credentials right away.

  • Counterpath Bria for iPhone – $7.99 – Link
  • Counterpath Bria for Android – $7.99 – Link
  • Counterpath Bria for Mac or Windows – $49.99 – Link
  • Zoiper Softphone for iPhone – Free – Link
  • Zoiper Lite Softphone for Android – Free – Link
  • Zoiper Community Edition for Mac – Free – Link
  • Zoiper Community Edition for Windows – Free – Link