Three Ways to Revamp Your Business in 2016

Vernon Keenan | December 15th, 2015

To kick off 2016, we at Telnexus we have three ways for you to revamp your business. Talk to Telnexus and we’ll help you get your IT and communication woes resolved and put worrying about your phone, email, computers and Internet behind you.


ONE – Get Faster Internet. That’s right. It’s time to dump that AT&T U-verse or DSL modem for some real connectivity. You know you can’t eek by any more. Your employees and customers won’t stand it!

If you can’t get Comcast Business in your location, then Telnexus Metro Wi-Fi may be just the ticket to boost your business productivity. With our one-week installation time, there isn’t a faster way to get reliable, 22Mbps Internet service.

Stay tuned to Telnexus in 2016 as we make some exciting new announcements about gigabit Internet service in Oakland, Berkeley and Emeryville!

TWO – Dump That Old PBX. When was the last time you looked at your AT&T bill? Did you have to call your old phone guy this year for service on a dusty old box?

If your bill is over $200 or you’re still responsible for running your own PBX, then Telnexus can definitely save you money and give you a whole new level of flexibility with the Telnexus Cloud PBX. Not only do you save money, but you can use your smartphone just like your old desk phone.

THREE – Upgrade Your IT. Lots of business owners know their desktop computer situation is a mess. You still need those PCs to do business, but you’re afraid that if you allow someone to touch them then they will crash and you’ll be doomed! Now, you’re looking at a security notice from your financial services partner, and they are demanding you start encrypting your hard drives!

2016 will be a good year to do IT upgrades. Windows 10 is stable, and it has lots of new security features that will make you safer.

Take the upgrade journey with Telnexus. We can take the IT worry away with Telnexus Managed Services. For a per-computer or per-user monthly fee, we keep the dust off of your computer operations, ensuring smooth operation with proactive maintenance and helpdesk services.

HAVE A HAPPY 2016! From everyone at Telnexus, we wish everyone a prosperous, safe and happy new year!