Telnexus Upgrades Internet Speed!

Vernon Keenan | January 8th, 2018

Internet Speed Upgrades

Happy new year! Telnexus now delivers faster East Bay Metro WiFi with Internet speed upgrades! Recent hardware installations now provides  more bandwidth to all existing Telnexus customers for no additional charge.

PlanOld SpeedNew Speed
Business Silver12 Mbps down / 3 Mbps up18 Mbps down / 4 Mbps up
Business Gold17 Mbps down / 6 Mbps up26 Mbps down / 7 Mbps up
Business Platinum22 Mbps down / 8 Mbps up34 Mbps down / 10 Mbps up

How Much Does This Cost?

There IS NO COST associated with this free upgrade. For more information visit the Telnexus Internet Services page.

New Customers Welcome

Telnexus Metro WiFi works as a real lifesaver in those situations where neither Comcast, AT&T or will provide Internet service at your business location. Once you place an order, Telnexus installs an antenna on your roof in one to two weeks.

Our Silver Metro WiFi plan is popular among larger customers who need backup for their Comcast or other high-speed Internet connection.

Call 510-859-7000 or email us at to get Telnexus Metro WiFi for your business today!