Levine Law Group

Located in Emeryville, California, the Levine Law Group provides Family and Divorce Law services in the East Bay. Telnexus equips Levine Law Group with the innovative voice over IP technology and Internet service needed to run the firm’s back office smoothly.

Erin Levine, Partner at Levine Law Group, decided to switch to Telnexus because, “Telnexus offered what I was looking for in telecommunications and internet services that previous firms we worked with did not,” said Levine. “Not only does Telnexus offer the voice IP technology and internet service, but great, immediate IT assistance as well.”

Levine Law Group utilized three other telecommunication vendors before finally settling down with Telnexus. The firm experienced frustration with prior vendors that had high pricing with low quality control, offered poor speed and service, had large support departments with poor internal communication, and lacked customer service.

Telnexus Offers a Solution

Telnexus differs from large telecommunication companies in the level of high quality customer service. Because Telnexus assesses each client on a case-by-case scenario, customer needs are better supported. “Telnexus asked what our needs and our budgeting were, what kind of services we were looking for and offered suggestions for our firm. Not only did they simplify the entire process, they also established an actual relationship with us,” said Levine.

Since working with Telnexus, Levine Law Group experienced few technical problems with the telecommunication services. “At least once a month with previous firms, our Ethernet or Wi-fi went down. Now I can’t remember the last time it went out,” said Levine.

Telnexus prides itself in its receptiveness. “We like that Telnexus is so close and so responsive when we need them; everyone on the team understands what is going on at all times,” Levine concluded.

Since starting to work with Telnexus, Levine Law Group now has few technical problems with their telecommunication services.

“Telnexus offered what I was looking for in telecommunications and internet services that previous firms we worked with did not.”

– Erin Levine, Partner, Levine Law Group

What Telnexus has to Offer

Telnexus understand that reliable technology in telephone and internet services are key to continue the workflow for our customer’s businesses. This is why the company values and takes pride in its reliable and responsive customer service. When customers experience product malfunctions or technical difficulties, we are quick to respond and resolve the issues because we understand that the faster the services are up and running, the faster our customers can proceed with their business functions. “Large telecommunications companies take a while to respond to technological problems. Either employees don’t understand what is going on, or they do not give each account the appropriate attention. During this, the lifeline of my business is affected: If we’re not up and running then I’m sitting on my hands without it,” said Ellice.

“People at Telnexus care about what we’re doing, and I never feel frustrated. That’s what is key,” Ellice concluded.

“The call quality stands out, and I can work directly with a Telnexus employee to get all the information I need. The instructions for set up were very clear and easy to understand.”

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“Telnexus offered what I was looking for in telecommunications and internet services that previous firms we worked with did not.”

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