3 Things about VoIP Your Boss Wants to Know

Vernon Keenan | October 9th, 2015

You’ve heard about Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and how it can help small businesses compete. Here are three quick tips on how to make your job better with VoIP, that your boss will love!

#1 – VoIP Can Save A TON of Cash!

It’s simple. Those old-fashioned phone lines are costing your boss a big pile of money. If there are four or more of those lines, Telnexus can cut the phone bill by up to 60% every month, by signing up for Telnexus VoIP Services.A Ton Of Cash

And, there doesn’t have to be a ton of pain associated with upgrading an older phone system to VoIP. At Telnexus we use a VoIP Gateway to plug our dial tone service directly into older phone systems, thus saving your boss the cost of buying a new phone system.

Also, you may wish to consider this additional benefit for switching to VoIP. When Telnexus does a digital upgrade for a small business, we usually encourage the business to dramatically upgrade the speed and quality of the Internet. So, not only will your boss save money with a VoIP upgrade, but the Internet speed at your workplace could go up as much as 10 times!

#2 – A Cloud PBX Takes Your Business Mobile


When your boss is out visiting clients and managing jobs, it can be hard to reach him or her on the phone. When the boss calls, or any other employee for that matter, do you always transfer them to an extension? The Telnexus Cloud PBX is designed to take away those headaches.

With the Telnexus Cloud PBX we replace the phone server in the closet with a service running in the Internet. That makes it as easy as launching an app on a mobile device to become connected to the business phone network.

That means the next time the boss wants to talk to someone they can just pull out their Telnexus phone app and simply dial the extension themselves. And, because the call is going over the Telnexus network, your boss will be pleasantly surprised at how good the call sounds.

#3 – A Virtual Receptionist Will Make the Business Sound Big

If you’re part of a growing business, then using a Virtual Receptionist can offer some real polish to your image. Not only can a virtual receptionist screen annoying solicitation calls, but it can offer some real value to your customers.

dialing on touch screen smartphone

dialing on touch screen smartphone

A virtual receptionist directs callers directly to appropriate workers, as well as guiding callers into a conference bridge.

Your boss can convey information directly to your customers in his or her own voice. Things like a description of a law practice, specialty catering and service offerings for a restaurant, or harbor conditions for a yacht club can really present a business with a touch of professionalism.

So, if you’re tired of answering the phone at your office, then encourage the boss to take a look at the Telnexus Could PBX solution. The virtual receptionist feature will soon cut out all those annoying sales calls!

Have Your Boss Call Us Today!

Telnexus offers a FREE consultation where we will come over to your office, sit down with your boss and patiently listen to his or her needs. A senior engineer will offer on-the-spot analysis of your business network. Telnexus is a solution-first technology company, and we aren’t looking to close a quick sale and walk away. We are a new kind of phone company that will delight your boss with our technical competence and degree of service.

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